flickrie . 17

flickrie . 17

“thank you amu~ love, miss taiwan”

featuring: BLISS COUTURE (closing soon TT~TT up to 90% sale)

  • Bliss Couture (hair)
  • Bliss Couture (gown)
  • Alienbear (earrings)
  • Alienbear (necklace)
  • The Skin Shop (skin)
  • kik (hairpiece)
  • Mandala (mesh ears)
  • Dead Apples (eyes)
  • ONYX Wear (mesh lashes)

I am so sad to see the closure of the great Bliss Couture, that has adorned the entire grid with the most amazing and beautiful gowns and clothes for the past few years. Not only for that do I thank the incredible Amutey DeCuir, but also for these spectacular creations that I donned as my evening gown and hairdo for Miss Virtual World 2011. I, being the last-minute fool that I am, only decided to look for a custom gown after being persuaded by my beloved Celestial only two days before the competition. Magically, I ended up with this! We are the quick-working pair! \o/ I really did enjoy the time I spent working with you during and after the competition and I probably wouldn’t have got where I did without you~ Thank you Amu and the best wishes for your future endeavors! <333

— 天上


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